One of my absolute favorite shoots. It was so fun to put together! I had recently scouted this location with my sister and my fur pups: it was a gorgeous secret spot that was so peaceful, I knew I had to shoot here. Plus, the fall colors were gorgeous!

The reason behind why I wanted to put this shoot together was that I wanted to show couples that even though they were having to down-size or replan their wedding day (due to you-know-what) that it wasn’t going to make their day any less important or special, and that maybe you don’t really even need all the fluff. I wanted to make a bold statement and show how beautiful small, simple ceremonies can be, and how special they can feel when they’re in a place that is special to you.

A big shout-out to all the wonderful vendors who helped make this day happen. And, big thank you to Ashley and Kris for offering to model for me! And I’m so glad you brought Blue along, elopements are a hundred times better with your fur babies!

“Maybe the woods, she said.

Maybe that place we’ve driven by hundreds of times, and it looked even more magical with every passing.

Remember? The place with the orange trees and tall, yellow grass that swayed in the wind. And the bare branches that sprouted out of the field. The place where your shoes got muddy and soaked, but you didn’t care. And the air smelled sweet, and the clouds made the sky so soft.

Maybe we don’t need 100 guests, she said.

Maybe we just need our fur baby and our favorite people. And maybe, instead of a full catered meal, we’ll eat our pumpkin pie tarts and drink our favorite dark beer under the arch with fall flowers and leaves. What do you think?

And maybe, just maybe, this is what really mattered all along. You and me, our pup, and the place we’ve driven by a hundred times. Maybe here, with you, I’ll get to be your wife, and you’ll be my husband, and we’ll laugh and wonder why we ever thought we needed more than this on our wedding day.”


Couple: Ashley and Kris

Dress: Baltic Born Clothing

Florals: Honey and Sass Florals

Floral Ribbon: Nettle + Silk

Vow Books and Bride Jacket: Mecca R. Photography

Pumpkin Tarts: Noisette Pastry Kitchen

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