Danielle and Jamison are some of the kindest humans I’ve met. I am so freakin’ excited for their wedding this September! When they wanted to do a snowy engagement session, I knew the perfect place: Salt Creek Falls. The nearby sno-park is always a perfect backdrop and you can easily walk to through the snow to the gorgeous viewpoint of the waterfall. The weather was perfect-cloudy and lightly snowing, not too cold, and the trees had that perfect amount of snow on their branches, with a little bit of green pine showing through.

We talked about their wedding coming up and how the planning was going so far. Since it was only a few days after Christmas, we talked about our holidays and what their plans were for NYE (they were headed to Bend, so fun!). We laughed and laughed and we all thought the half-frozen waterfall was pretty epic. Danielle and Jamison, I am so excited for your wedding this year!