So Jess had surprised Jacquee with this trip up to Oregon for Valentine’s Day, so Jacquee wanted to surprise Jess with a couples shoot from me while on their trip! When I met Jacquee at their campsite in Bend, we instantly started talking about dogs and cursing, so we instantly became friends, haha. Jess and I talked about sports and fishing, so we also instantly became friends.

These two are also so freakin’ in love it made my job so easy. They were just giggling and smiling the entire time. Also, when I told each of them to do a big bear hug, they both got down into the three point runner stance, which made me crack up since they couldn’t see that the other had done the exact same thing!

We ended the night with perfect s’mores and a clear, cold, Oregon night. I drove home with music playing and the smell of campfire smoke hanging around in the car and was so grateful that I got to call this my job. I made two new friends and got to photograph their beautiful beautiful love. Jess and Jacquee, thank you again for letting me capture a part of your love and a part of your epic road trip! I hope we get to hang again when you come back up here, or I head down to Cali!