One thing I love about this job is all the epic places it takes me to. This was our (me, Anissa, and Pete’s) first time at Cape Kiwanda and it did not disappoint. It actually blew our minds lol. Anissa is an old coworker of mine from the dog rescue and I was soooo pumped when her and Pete chose this place.

The drive was about 2.5 hours but every mile was beautiful: I drove through forests, across bridges that went over crystal clear creeks, through open farmland, and suddenly popped out at this adorable little beach town. We spent the afternoon running around, talking about dogs, and made plans to meet up once I’m back up in Portland. Which, we still need to do Anissa! Lol.

These two were so f’n cute, and it was so fun being able to experience such a pretty place together. Get engaged already so we can shoot again!