If you know me at all, you know I absolutely LOVE dogs (and I have an extra soft spot for pitties), waterfalls, and adventurous and laid back couples, which Dakota and Kordell are (along with being super rad humans in general). I was so pumped when they were down to go run around the tallest waterfall in Oregon, Salt Creek Falls, and bring their two fur babies along! I had never been down to the base of this waterfall, and apparently there had been a huge rock slide before we went. So, we were sliding down on our asses pretty much the whole way, but hey, IT WAS WORTH IT. We got completely soaked, but were cracking up the whole time. Plus, it was pretty insane being near such a huge fall. After we got drenched, we made our way back up the hill, crawling on our hands and knees, got into a dry outfit, and then finished the session in the woods nearby. We talked about soccer, Crossfit, and dogs and we definitely bonded over all of those topics! I had so much fun running around with these two and being able to meet and snuggle their two babies.