These two have the SWEETEST souls. I met Hayley and Jarrod when we shot their engagement photos last summer at Proxy Falls (click here to see!) and right from the start we clicked. They are some of the kindest, genuine, laid-back humans around. When “you know what” came around and threw everyone’s plans out the window, these two decided to have their wedding anyway. They downsized their guest list to their favorite 25 people and made it happen. And, while they still plan on having a second ceremony next year with all of their peeps, this one was so so special.

Hayley and Jarrod decided to do a first look and read their vows privately to one another before they read them during the ceremony. Hayley, the barefoot goddess/bride, walked over to her future hubby and in the woods, these two shared some of the sweetest vows I’ve heard. Jarrod promised to fly her around to all of the National Parks in their private plane (he’s a pilot-in-training!) and take care of the mini Hayleys and Jarrods as they run around their property in Central Oregon. Hayley promised to always support his dreams, and told him how he has made her laugh harder and smile brighter than ever before. There were happy tears and laughter, and it was so beautiful to capture.

Hayley’s dad officiated the ceremony and after the first two words of his speech, he choked up. But, he managed to get through it with a smile on his face, it was so sweet! They had a beautiful wooden backdrop that the florist, Robin of Songbird Floristry, decorated with beautiful pink and white flowers. Under a beautiful forest covered in twinkle lights, these two became husband and wife. When they were about to start their walk down the aisle, the couple realized only a few people had grabbed the lavender to throw during their processional. Hayley joked, “you all had ONE job!” and then Jarrod gets pelted in the face with an entire pouch of lavender, as Hayley cracks up. It was the best! Haha.

They ate delicious food, had beautiful toasts, and had such sweet first dances under the twinkle lights as the sky began to darken. We almost weren’t able to have the first dances because the songs weren’t downloaded on Spotify and we had iffy service, but after I ran their phone over to the hotspot we were ready to go =] Hayley’s mom teared up watching the father and daughter first dance, and Jarrod and his mom had an upbeat/jazzy song that had Hayley’s brother and grandmother bumping hips to the beat, it was so fun. And, of course, Hayley and Jarrod had everyone just staring in awe at this sweet couple finally becoming husband and wife. It’s moments like these where I just take a moment to remember it all and let it soak in, and realize how amazing my job is that I get to capture such special moments for my couples and their families. Makes my heart melt.

The night ended with a group shot photo op, and some hilarious dance moves from the groom and the bride’s brother. What a sweet, sweet, wedding in the forest. Hayley and Jarrod, I love you two and can’t wait to watch and document your family grow. And, of course, I’ll be looking up at the sky when any plane goes by to see if it’s you two jetting off to another National Park =] Congrats again, Mr. and Mrs. Lowe!




Venue: Bridge Over Cleark Creek

Dress: Charlotte’s Weddings

Florals: Songbird Floristry