They’re finally engaged! Haha. I’ve been friends with these two for a few years now and we’ve already shot together multiple times for fun, but this time it was their actual engagement photos! And, I even slyly helped Beau figure out Sarah’s ring size so he could tell her favorite metalsmith the size to make her custom ring (which is gorgeous!). These two decided to have their engagement photos done at the Alvord Desert because it is one of their favorite places in Oregon. The Alvord was on my bucket list of places to explore, so I was pumped when they asked me to come camp with them!

We spent the drive talking about dogs, wedding ideas, future kids’ names (lol), and listening to a hilarious podcast. When we got to the desert, we took the dirt bike out for a spin and when the sun was just right (and after a few beers) we ran around the desert as the sky turned orange. We made camp dinner while listening to Johnny Cash and other classics and then stood under a sky lit up with stars. It was almost dizzying to look at.

Sarah and Beau, I cannot freakin’ WAIT for your wedding in June. I love you guys so so much and am so honored I got to capture these engagement photos for you two!