Can you ever go wrong with a gorgeous mountaintop elopement?! Never. Ever. Ever. Mountaintop elopements are a dream, and this one was straight-up magic. I have shot at this secret spot multiple times, and I knew I wanted to create a beautiful elopement along the ridgeline. So, with a delicious cake from Noisette Pastry Kitchen in-hand, camera backpack on, and my two friends with their outfits ready to go, we trekked up the mountain for a golden July sunset. The florals from Wild Child Flower Co. had the warmest orange and pink hues that matched the setting sun perfectly. Along with the stunning rings from the insanely talented Raw by Olivia Mar, one of my favorite photos has to be of Erica’s hand with the veil and the little baby moon. And, we had some gorgeous vow books made by Mckenna from Life in Letters! Everything about this shoot tied together so perfectly, it was so fun to capture.


Cake: Noisette Pastry Kitchen

Florals: Wild Child Flower Co.

Vow Books: Life in Letters

Rings: RAW By Olivia Mar