Let me just say that while summer gets all the attention for being elopement season, winter elopements are a close favorite. Something about the chilly air, fingertips so cold they’re bright red, giggling and jumping up and down and snuggling extra close to stay warm, and the crispness of the short, winter days just get me. Smith Rock State Park is one of the prettiest places to explore in Oregon. The bright orange rocks jut out of the dry desert ground, and the little river quietly maneuvers its way along the edge. It’s dusty, colorful, and majestic. If you haven’t been yet, it’s a must-see.

These two got ready in the parking lot, using the reflection in their 4Runner as mirrors. We danced around in the cold evening air, chasing the sun as it began to dip below the beautiful rocks. The views we got were insane, with the shadows slowly dancing along every crevice and crack along the towering rocks.

“My chilly fingers grabbed yours

And little clouds escaped from our mouths as we laughed

At the cold November sky.

She had greeted us with golden rays that danced along the edge of Smith

As we stood under the towering rocks.

I remember the feeling of you slipping a ring onto my red-tipped fingers

And I remember your smile as I slipped a ring onto yours,

Oh, my dear, I can remember it all as if it were yesterday–

The dry sage, the dancing shadows,

our laughs echoing through the canyon and whistling above the river.

Your chilly hands promising forever with me, under a cold November sky.”


Dress: Baltic Born Clothing

Vow Books & Bride Jacket: Mecca R. Photography


Florals: Charles Little & Company

Ribbon: Nettle & Silk