Shelby and Ryan are seriously some of the most laid back, genuinely kind-hearted and funny humans I’ve met. When we Facetimed about their elopement, they told me they had both been previously married and wanted their day to be as stress-free as possible. We had a loose timeline for the day: get ready, get married on the beach, and have dinner at the local brewery. Perfect day, right?! These two came from Idaho with Shelby’s parents, her brother,  and two of their best friends, and it was Ryan’s first time seeing the ocean! When I got there Ryan was out by the water, Budweiser in hand, running in and out of the waves. Right when I got there I was like, “yes, these are my people.” We talked about our fur babies as Shelby got ready, and how their trip in Oregon was going so far. Ryan casually got into his Budweiser attire (yes, a navy blue suit, a Budweiser tie, Budweiser shoes, and Budweiser sunglasses, it was so epic) and we had their first look under a beautiful sunshiney Oregon coast day. Then, with their four witnesses and Shelby’s brother officiating, the two were married.

After a few delicious drinks at the local brewery, I drove the happy couple to this pretty beach near Devil’s Punchbowl. As the sun dipped below the cloudy evening, we laughed our asses off and ran around the pretty orange rocks. And, of course, ended with popping a champagne bottle. The day never felt rushed or stressful, and it was all about these two joining together. It was so special to document! Shelby and Ryan, you two are so sweet, and I can’t wait to photograph your 1 year anniversary back here at the Oregon coast with your fur babies!