These two are so special to me I don’t even know if I can put into words how honored I felt to be the one to capture their wedding day for them. I’ve known Sarah for years–we met working at the dog rescue together and, of course, instantly hit it off. They were actually one of the first couples I ever photographed years ago at Blue River Reservior (click here to see that shoot!). They also modeled for a styled shoot I put together (can see it here) and that’s where I secretly got Sarah’s ring size for Beau, heehee. A few months later I get a text from Sarah that goes, “YOU KNEW?!” and I had to play it off for a second but once she told me he had proposed I went into full-on happy squeals. We shot their engagement photos at the Alvord Desert, one of their favorite places. I had never been so I was so excited to go! We drank beers, listened to Johnny Cash, and rode their mini dirt bike until the sun went down (see that shoot here!).

And then, it was time for their BIG DAY. And, even though they had to postpone for two months (because of you-know-what), they made it happen. A little backstory: They live out in Melrose (a little town in Roseburg) in the house Beau grew up in, on some beautiful acreage with a garden, pasture land for the horses, and a beautiful wrap-around porch. Their neighbors have a beautiful barn that Beau agreed to help spiff up if they could use it as their ceremony spot, and man did it turn out.

First off, when I arrived, the tables that Sarah had decorated herself (all vintage finds) looked so professional I told her then and there that she needs to start a wedding coordinator/rental company because she was so dang good at it. Beau was running miles around the house that morning, grabbing ice for their canoe cooler (worth it, it was amazing), and the fam was busy making popcorn for a ceremony treat. Sarah had found her dress while vintage shopping (which I still can’t believe) and I was so excited to see it on her. She got ready in their bedroom, the midday sun sending rays through the gorgeous windows as her trusty fur baby, Ziggy, napped on her bed. Zeppelin, their other pup, was out running around with Beau.

Their ceremony was absolutely tear-jerking. Beau’s dad officiated and told sweet stories of these two and how they met. They’d been together since 2012, so you can imagine how many funny stories he had of these two! Sarah and Beau read their vows, talking about how they knew they were the one for them, and how excited they were to raise a family out on their beautiful property in Melrose.

As the sun set, these two became husband and wife. After their ceremony, we got the fur babies and ran around the fields together and made sure to visit the horses. I always notice a certain feeling with couples on their wedding day, and it’s not always the same exact feeling, but it’s always there: I always just feel this sense of sureness from them–like it’s radiating off them. It’s this feeling that when I look at them, I can just SEE it. It’s this sense of commitment, of accomplishment, of trust, and of pure devotion to their partner. And when we ran around those fields together, with their fur babies, I felt all of those senses with Sarah and Beau. They sure are made for each other.

The tiki torches were lit as the sky turned purple, and the lights lit up the tables, dance floor, canoe cooler, and cupcake stand. Sarah and Beau sneakily turned on their first dance song, and wrapped each other up for a 30-second dance, smiling when people started to watch. This was a day that I didn’t want to end, and it felt like a fairytale. Sarah and Beau, you have become such great friends, and I feel so honored to have been able to capture this day for you two and your families. I can’t wait for your beautiful babies to be able to see these photos! So much love for you two!